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Access all your restaurant accounting from anywhere – whether you’re on the back-of-house computer, or checking in from your phone while meeting your food supplier.


Restaurant365 integrates with all the top payroll providers, including Paycom, ADP, and dozens more. Our system aggregates all the labor data from your POS for you, so you can either export or push it directly to your payroll processor


Easily budget for multiple locations at a time, automatically pulling data from food and recipe costs, inventory, and more. 

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Restaurant365 is the Future of Restaurant Operations

Why Restaurant365 Smart Ops?


If you’d like to streamline your accounting and operations, while facilitating collaboration across your organization, schedule a demo of Restaurant365.

Change The Way You See Your 
Restaurant Business with Restaurant365: The Future of Restaurant Operations

Packed with smart features and a modern UX, the R365 Smart Ops allows your team to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time hitting goals. 

Book your custom demo of R365 Smart Ops to learn more.

"With the time savings and increased accuracy, we're now able to spend that time operating the restaurants. So the biggest way that the new Smart Ops Release has improved operations in the restaurants is by freeing up our managers’ time in a big way and giving us more accurate financial results.
-John Paul (JP) Thomas, Director of Operations

Count Faster and Accurately with Smart Inventory Management

Count Inventory Quicker
Painlessly perform inventory counts faster on your phone or tablet with smart features like autosave and real-time, multi-person inventory counting. See the impact on your P&L immediately. 

Customize Shelf-to-Sheet on the Go
Is the cheese now stored in a different refrigerator? Easily change the order of your stock count list from any mobile device.

Accurately Track Multi-Location Inventory Transfers
Easily track transfers between stores with two-sided approvals to get fast and accurate CoGS for each location and receive automatic alerts when inventory seems off.

Map Your Recipes to Unlock Powerful Insights
Map ingredients to your recipes using sales data from your POS and AP data from vendors to automatically generate powerful reports and tools that help your bottom line.

A Tool Your Team Will Want To Use 

Easily Operate with a Modern UX 
Drag-and-drop inventory items and monitor your entire counts for each storage location.  

No PhD Required
Easily track progress of your counts across all locations in one view and use the smart calculator for faster item entry.

Purchase the Right Amount Every Time

Keep more money in the bank instead of on the shelf. Make it easy for managers to purchase inventory based on forecast data vs. last week's orders.  

Prioritize Locations that Need Immediate Attention

See the Effectiveness of Your Food Cost Controls
Identify gaps in the execution of food cost controls and address those gaps to add money to your bottom line.

Prioritize Your Efforts on the Areas with Highest Variance
See variances by location, food category, and ingredient so you can focus your attention where it is needed most.

Avoid Waste, Reduce Errors, Control Portions, and Prevent Theft

Get tighter control of your food costs by understanding why variances are happening. Drill down to the transactions that contributed to your actual cost so you can uncover hidden food cost problems.


Restaurant365 provides restaurant-specific accounting and back-office software that alleviates the significant burdens placed on restaurant operators – allowing concepts to operate more efficiently and profitably in a digital world. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Restaurant365 Operations

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