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Access all your restaurant accounting from anywhere – whether you’re on the back-of-house computer, or checking in from your phone while meeting your food supplier.


Restaurant365 integrates with all the top payroll providers, including Paycom, ADP, and dozens more. Our system aggregates all the labor data from your POS for you, so you can either export or push it directly to your payroll processor


Easily budget for multiple locations at a time, automatically pulling data from food and recipe costs, inventory, and more. 

Don’t waste time posting jobs manually or qualifying candidates the old-fashioned way. 

R365 Hire will help you cast a wider net, filter for the best candidates, and hire confidently.

With R365 Hire you will:


Sweet Lou’s Simplifies Hiring, Increases Qualified Job Candidates with Restaurant365 HIRE

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Save time with customizable templates for
job posts

Save money with easy-to-build webpages that are mobile optimized

Cast a wider net by automatically posting jobs to multiple career sites

Find ideal candidates with customizable prescreen questions

Qualify candidates intelligently with personality assessments and interview guides

Improve the quality of hires using references and background checks

Onboard employees faster with online W-4, I-9, 

and E-Verify

R365 Hire Overview


Save Money by Streamlining your Hiring and Onboarding Process

R365 Hire Overview


Save Money by Streamlining your Hiring and Onboarding Process