Guide to Restaurant
Labor Regulations
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Control labor costs despite increasing minimum wages and complex labor laws



Access all your restaurant accounting from anywhere – whether you’re on the back-of-house computer, or checking in from your phone while meeting your food supplier.


Restaurant365 integrates with all the top payroll providers, including Paycom, ADP, and dozens more. Our system aggregates all the labor data from your POS for you, so you can either export or push it directly to your payroll processor


Easily budget for multiple locations at a time, automatically pulling data from food and recipe costs, inventory, and more. 

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Avoid labor penalties with accurate record keeping

Forecasting to optimize labor costs

Reducing overtime and more

Maintaining your restaurant group’s labor metrics by controlling labor costs with effective scheduling is challenging and time consuming, especially with the various labor laws, regulations and increases in minimum wages.

In this handy guide you’ll get tips on how to comply with labor laws regarding split shifts, meal and rest periods, and overtime by keeping tabs on scheduling daily, then using the data to create your schedules strategically.

This multitude of issues makes meeting your goal of keeping labor costs as low as possible very challenging.

Technology can help you meet the ins and outs related to labor for your restaurant as well as comply with the various labor laws and regulations of each state and locality. Restaurant scheduling and labor reporting tools can help you streamline the scheduling and labor reporting process while minimizing labor costs. 

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Ready to learn how Restaurant365 can help you control labor costs?

Simplify Your Scheduling with Restaurant365

Reduce the time it takes to create and manage employee schedules with our unique restaurant scheduling software features built to optimize your time. Scheduling employees is now easier than ever with Restaurant365. Watch the on-demand webinar now.

Require employees to submit availability and shift requests directly through the mobile app.

Approve or deny employee availability changes, time off requests, shift trades and shift claims.

Alert employees with push notifications on the mobile app when you publish a schedule or approve a request.